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Starting at $32 / month*

Secure Data Access
Login Mobility
Automated Nightly Backup
Web Apps
Access to MyProcare Parent Portal
Annual Software Updates ($125 value) FREE
One-Time Account Setup Fee $45.00
Monthly Data hosting Fee
Includes 2 Seats
$32.00 / month
Procare Cloud Monthly Additional Seat Fee $8.00 / month

*The monthly data hosting fee of $32 covers 2 seats (standard Family Data module). Additional seats are easily added.

A seat represents an active connection to Procare, which is any time a user is logged into the Procare system. The Family Data program provides two seat connections and Attendance Tracker provides one seat connection. All check in stations are considered an active connection. Extra seats (if needed) are available for a one time purchase fee of $195.

Pricing, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.


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Kissimmee, FL

The automation of this program is amazing! The work of myself as an owner and my directors just became so much more easy and stream lined. After 20 years of using Personalized Software/Child Care Manager I am kicking myself for not making the switch sooner.

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