Payment & Check-In Card Reader

One Card Reader – Two Great Uses!

Procare Software Card Reader

Credit & Debit Card Processing

Fast and easy payments with debit and credit card swipe. Easily integrate payment processing into Procare Software using Family Accounting and Tuition Express. Card readers are a professional and convenient way to accept payments at your center.

Custom Swipe Cards & Check-in

Easily swipe in and out. Use the card reader technology for authorized pick-up persons and employees to utilize with any card with a magnetic strip in combination with their unique PIN to check in and out. Generate accurate time and attendance tracking using Procare's attendance tracking and/or employee management features. Create your own custom magnetic swipe ID cards by ordering from a variety of vendors.

$29 + S&H

Procare Software Card Reader

Whether you’re a small business processing one card a day, or a large center processing hundreds, your time is money. Make sure you add credit and debit cards to your list of accepted payments and have our convenient on-site card reader. 

In addition to processing payments, the card reader provides the function of check-in/out using card technology. Set up your employees and/or designated drop-off and pick-up users to swipe in and out using magnetic ID cards. 

NOTE: Customer supplies additional range extending equipment if needed

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West Palm Beach, FL

The software is simple and very easy to use. The features are great and support is always a phone call away.

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