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Procare Check-In Solutions for Your Center

When electronically checking in/out parents or employees, it is ideal that you set up a computer dedicated solely to the task so there are no interruptions of usage on your administrative machines. Ideally, the check-in computer should be placed near your main entry for easy access by parents and staff.

Q: What are my options?

  1. Procare 8″ Touch: All-in-one computer touch screen
  2. Standard desktop computer, laptop or Windows-based tablet

Procare Touch 8" Computer

Procare Touch Computer

All-in-one computer, Full Color Touch Screen, Biometric ID Pad, Card Swipe ID, Point of Sale ready OS, Universal Mount. Learn more.

Standard PC, Laptop or Windows PC Tablet

Laptop Running Procare

Check in using your own keyboard, mouse or touch screen monitor. See requirements

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Alamo, CA

It has organized our business. Now I know exactly how much money we have spent and how much we are earning with the School Budgeting Summary report. It has taken our business from a "mom and pops", unprofessional establishment, to a well run school. It has made life so much easier!

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