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Interior Door Security

Procare’s network door controller provides secure access for an interior door. The door controller connects to your router and works together with a Check-In Computer and electric door strike (or maglock). When a child or employee is checked in, a signal is sent to the door strike to allow entry. The door controller is available directly from Procare, while the door strike would be obtained and installed by a local security or door company.

$195 + S&H

Center Security

Interior door controls provide added security to your center as you are able to manage who can unlock designated doors using a check-in/out computer or Procare Touch device. Assign authorized drop-off and pick-up people and/or employees within Procare Software to be able to open designated doors – providing zone control access and the ability to remove access for anyone at anytime.

Imagine the added peace of mind knowing that your classrooms are always secure. No more accidentally leaving the door unlocked, wrestling with keys, or deferring focus to the door and away from the kids.

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Roseburg, OR

Ease of use and amazing customer service. I also appreciate the ability to run very specific reports -- there is a huge variety of options to customize reports.

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