KidReports - Revolutionizing Classroom Management & Parent Engagement


Revolutionizing Classroom Management & Parent Engagement

KidReports, a Procare Software Company

Revolutionizing Classroom Management & Parent Engagement

KidReports' web-based service provides a variety of electronic classroom management and parent engagement features specifically designed for child care and early education learning centers. The platform is designed as a parent communication portal for early childhood educators to send daily reports, photos, activity information, and so much more, allowing parents the ability to stay connected with their children throughout the day.

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Procare Software and KidReports
KidReports for Schools

For Schools

Powerful tools give you the edge.

Go digital! Connect with parents and manage your school and classrooms with an easy-to-use app. KidReports' suite of tools can take parent engagement and classroom management to the next level by saving you time and money, growing enrollment, and working seamlessly.

KidReports for Parents

For Parents

Real Time. Peace of Mind.™

KidReports gives parents options! Select your communication style from emails, texts or apps! Get pictures and videos of your child's day! Staying connected to your child and their school has never been easier. Getting started is easy & fun!

Real Time. Peace of Mind.™

Stay Connected

Receive daily reports and real-time activity alerts via push/email/text, and easily communicate with your center.

Simplifying Your Day

Pre-plan your activities with KidPlanner, get the easy-to-use KidReports app, and easily communicate with parents.

You Have Options

Record drop-off for your child, select your preferred language (40 available) and edit your information simply.

Complete Access

View daily and historical activities, and share and download photos and videos.

Center Management

Import data from database manager, and add unlimited family members, center users and permission control.

Licensing Reports

Name-to-face reporting, transition sheets, ratio and count reports, and more!

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Bring a new level of productivity to your center.

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Customer Reviews

Pittsburgh, PA

The software has helped me to better manage my day-to-day operations and make our center more streamlined. I love the time we are saving and the organizational aspect Procare offers.

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