and Procare Software: A Perfect Partnership

ABCmouse for Schools

An award-winning early learning online resource designed to build a strong foundation for academic success. and Procare Software: A Perfect Partnership

Kid Orange Tech is the official provider of in preschool classrooms. We’ve come together to bring you the Procare Software Extra for, making access to classroom accounts and linking family accounts easy! and Procare Software

Benefits of Offering at Your School

Revenue Sharing Opportunity

Easy for Procare Software customers.

It's Easy

Kid Orange Tech helps in the setup process.

Enhance Preschool Classrooms accounts for each classroom.

Parent Engagement at Home

Parents engage in their child's classroom learning at home.


Automatic roster updates in classroom accounts.

Support and Training

Access Educational Advisors for FREE.

Grow Their Potential and Your Revenue

When a family subscribes to ABCmouse through Kid Orange Tech, they get over 8,500 digital lessons, games, and books. Kid Orange Tech offers subscriptions to your school at a wholesale rate. When parents activate their account and subscribe, your school earns extra revenue!

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*Revenue calculations are based upon active accounts and are subject to fluctuate depending upon program enrollment.

Families Love bridges the gap between school and home with online learning that is 100% educational, ad-free, and fun! It is the most comprehensive early learning online resource designed to build a strong foundation for academic success. And the future success of your school.

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