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At Procare we created a solution for centers that need Centralized Data for multiple sites yet lack the funding to deploy and maintain expensive servers. Our Data Hosting service does this.

We've taken the technical end of Centralized Data, perfected it, protected it and now offer to centers for a modest fee.

Self Hosting

Hosting your own data is entirely possible and many centers do. Multiple sites can be configured for Centralized Data access. This means, a single database that can be viewed, edited and updated from any center connected via the internet on a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

This scenario is perfect in every way with exception to the cost of establishing the Server, VPN, Networking and continual maintenance and administration of central server.

Procare Cloud
Hosted by Procare
VPN Method
Hosted by You
Terminal Services Method
Hosted by You
Setup Requirements None Requires a server (like Windows 2003 or 2008) that allows Routing & Remote Access Requires a server and Terminal Services software, licenses
Install We Provide you with a link to simply download and install the Procare Client Software Install Procare licensing server and database server on your server
Install VPN client software on client computers
Install Procare client software on client computers
Install Procare licensing server, database server AND client software all on your server
Install Terminal Services client software on client computers
Costs Initial Procare investment plus a nominal monthly fee for the cloud service. Server & IT Hours, plus internet VPN appliances if a hardware VPN is used Server, TS licenses & IT Hours
Tech Needed No Yes Yes


Minimum available bandwidth: download 1.5 Mbps (1,500 kbps), upload 0.5 Mbps (512 kbps). Maximum “ping” rate to a server in Southern Oregon: 80 ms (milliseconds). Wireless AirCards (3G, 4G, etc.) are NOT supported.

Note: If classroom cameras or other devices/programs share your bandwidth you may not have enough “available” bandwidth for Procare to run effectively. Make sure you have enough total bandwidth to accommodate all your needs.


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