Making TE Mandatory

Make it the Way You Do Business

Every day more and more Procare Software users make Tuition Express their only method of processing payments. Like gym and health club proprietors before them, child care business owners are making automated payments mandatory at centers across the country.

Make a Business Decision

Tuition Express is convenient for parents, but was developed with the center operator in mind. Making Tuition Express mandatory is a business decision not unlike modifying a classroom schedule or adjusting tuition rates.

Imagine Getting All Your Money On Time

Unless you’ve made Tuition Express the only way you process payments, you’re not experiencing the full benefit of the service. Just think about how good it would be, getting every payment on time, every time. And, having every transaction posted to the ledgers in Procare for you.

Payment Options

Tuition Express has five to choose from. You can offer parents recurring credit card and ACH transactions, point-of-sale payments, payments at check-in, and online payments or any combination of those options. You choose the best fit for your situation and make Tuition Express work for you.


Parents want the convenience of automated payments. Almost no one carries their checkbook with them these days. Give parents what they want and reap the benefits of on-time payments that are posted to Procare automatically.

Information at Your Fingertips

Tuition Express offers videos and other materials regarding the convenience and security of electronic payments for you to share with your customers.

Transition of Current Parents

Most of your customers will welcome the change to automated payments. A few may balk. Chances are, they’re the parents who are paying you late. You might consider a ‘handling fee’ for those who hesitate – money talks.

All New Parents on Board

New customers should all be on board with Tuition Express. They don’t know how you’ve collected tuition in the past. Tuition Express illustrates to them that you’re cutting edge.

This is How We Collect Tuition

For those centers where Tuition Express is mandatory, it has simply become “The way we collect tuition and fees.” Adopt this attitude to end the chase of your money and enjoy the integration with Procare.

Even More Time with the Kids

Ultimately, Tuition Express is convenient for parents, good for your business and great for the kids in your care. Tell parents that “Tuition Express gives us even more time to spend with your kids. We’d rather teach kids to read than stand in a line at the bank.”

Make Tuition Collection Mandatory

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Delray Beach, FL

We have been using Procare for 15 years to run our 63 childcare centers. I would highly recommend this software for anyone who needs a Childcare Management program. Excellent for one center or multiple.

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