The Tuition Express® Advantage

Compare Procare’s Payment Collection Solution Over Others

Countless companies process payments, only Procare Software gives you the Tuition Express Advantage. Whether you accept automated payments today or you want to tomorrow, you’re likely to compare one service to another. Procare has compared hundreds of processors and here’s what we found.

  Tuition Express® Other Processors
Ability to Swipe Credit Cards
Accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX
FREE PCI Compliance  
No Long Term Contract Required  
Free Unlimited Support and Training  
Next Day Funding  
Average Point of Sale Rate 1.50% 2.02%
5 Ways to Accept Payment  
Point of Sale Transactions Post to Procare  
Integrated Payments at Check-in  
Online Payments with Auto Posting and Receipts  
Payments Initiated from Procare on Your Schedule  
Easy to Understand Statements  
Detailed Online Reports for You and for Parents  
Easily Email your Tuition Express Families  

The Advantage!


Since 2003, Tuition Express has collected billions of dollars in tuition for Procare users. Every transaction has posted to Procare. No other payment service can do that? None.

With lower fees, numerous payment options and great customer service, Tuition Express has become “The way we collect tuition” for most Procare users.

If you use Tuition Express, you know the benefits of an affordable and integrated payment collection solution. If you don’t, contact us today to learn more about the Tuition Express Advantage.

Procare Software is a Registered ISO/MSP of First National Bank of Omaha

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Abilene, TX

We purchased this software to use for our daycare and it has exceeded our expectations. With ease of use, customer support, and many other features, this has been an absolute gem.

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