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Efficiently Manage Multiple Child Care Locations

Management Software for your Child Care Chain, Franchise or Corporation

Get the Information You Need

With data for all locations stored in a single, secure SQL database, you’ll have real-time access to the family, staff and financial information you need to make the best decisions for your corporate child care business. Quickly generate individual reports per location or run Corporate Reports combining data for all locations at once. Or, use the built-in Data Viewer to select only the fields you want and export them for use in a spreadsheet or other format.

View Key Stats on Your Dashboard

Customize your Dashboard to display key center metrics at a glance. Get a quick summary of your accounts receivable across locations or view a revenue graph with week, month and year-to-date totals. You may even see how many teachers or children are checked in to a particular location.

Rely on Your Audit Trail

Need to know who logged in, changed a time card record, or recorded a family payment? It’s all in the integrated audit trail with a detailed record showing who did what and when, including any changes made to key information such as financial entries and time card history for children and staff.

Customize User Groups & Privileges

Assign each Procare user to a group defined by you, like Admin, Director, Teacher, etc. Then place limitations on each group to block access to individual tasks or entire categories at once. Maintain control over global categories while allowing other items to be managed at the local level.

Choose Your Implementation

Procare Software is designed with an intuitive interface using a .NET front end and an SQL Express Edition database, or you may install to your own SQL Server. Choose to host the data on your own server or enjoy the convenience of Procare Cloud where all updates and backups are managed by Procare. With a Data Hosted account you’ll have instant access to your information from any Procare computer at work, at home, or on the go.

Add Operations Reporting, Payroll Import Files

With the optional Corporate Organizer you’ll have access to comprehensive, spreadsheet-compatible reports based on the unique needs of your child care corporation. Payroll hours may also be imported into a third party system, such as ADP, based on your requirements.

Database Options for Franchise-Based Child Care Centers

Procare offers two primary options for use with franchise-based child care, preschool or afterschool programs. With either option you can install Procare on your own franchise / corporate computers or take advantage of the Procare Cloud service (recommended).

Franchise Options

For specific details on all options see the  Franchise Options Chart

Option 1: Single Corporate Account (recommended)

All franchises stored in one large database. Franchise owners have access only to their information. This allows more corporate control, but with considerably more setup and maintenance by the corporate office. A single database also means a shared chart of accounts (for all franchises and corporate). Compatible with Corporate Organizer.

Option 2: Data at Each Franchise

Each franchise owner has their own separate database (with one or more locations). Corporate connects to each location as needed to review/retrieve data and reports. This involves minimal setup and maintenance for the corporate office. Compatible with Corporate Organizer.

Example Reports

Example: User Limits

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