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Track Family Balances, Record Payments & Print Statements

Procare Family Accounting is the accounts receivable and billing software of choice for child care centers, daycare providers and preschool administrators. Family Accounting works with our popular Family Data module to easily track each family’s balance including their history of registration fees, tuition charges, family discounts and payments received. Easily handle daycare bookkeeping tasks like printing daycare tax statements and parent receipts. Quickly record payments yourself using the Batch Payment feature or choose to automate payment collection with Tuition Express®.

Child Care Billing – Software Features

The Automated Child Care Billing feature records child care and daycare tuition charges, supply and activity fees, co-payments and family discounts in seconds. Add the Attendance Tracker to handle hourly billing, overtime and late pickup fees. Quickly record late payment fees and print notices for all past due accounts. Split fees for divorced parents and separate family co-payments from government agency totals with the optional Agency Accounting module.

  • Process Recurring Tuition Fees
  • Link Fees to Child’s Schedule
  • Billing for Divorced & Subsidized Families
  • Financial History for Each Family Account
  • Record Fees as a Batch to Specific Groups
  • Post Late Fees as a Percentage or Fixed Amount
  • Track Deposits for Summer, Fall, etc.
  • Print Receipts Automatically
  • Complete Audit Trail / Change Log

Daycare Accounting Reports

Print standard child care accounting reports including:

  • Family Account Balance
  • Account Activity Reports
  • Customer Statements and Receipts
  • Aging Reports / Accounts Receivable
  • Total Revenue and Income Reports
  • Bank Deposit Reports
  • Year-End Tax Statements
  • Receivable Journal Summary

Enhance Family Accounting with Optional Modules

Family Accounting is an add-on to Procare’s popular Family Data module. Other add-on software modules can further simplify the management of your child-centered business, including the Tuition Express® Payment Processing Service to collect family payments automatically. For attendance based billing add the Attendance Tracker module and Procare check in solutions.

Procare Software: Auto Contract Billing Example

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