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Food Program Recordkeeping (CACFP)

Take a mountain of paperwork and make it into a molehill. Use Meal Tracker Software from Procare to simplify recordkeeping for your daycare, child care or preschool. Procare keeps track of food program information for daycare centers participating in the USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). Procare’s Meal Tracker works with the Family Data module to record meals served, handle menu planning, track family eligibility, print meal roll call sheets and report monthly reimbursement amounts.

Meal Tracker Features

Count meals served for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Record daycare meal counts based on child schedules or use the Procare Attendance Tracker to count meals based on actual attendance. Then create your own menu templates and print menus for distribution to families.

  • Record Daily Meal Counts
  • Track Family Eligibility Status
  • Use the Menu Planning Calendar
  • Save & Load Menu Templates

Food Program Reports

Keep CACFP Food Program paperwork at your daycare under control with recordkeeping software from Procare. Get meal count totals for each status level like free, reduced, and paid. See meals claimed for reimbursement separate from non-eligible meals. Print classroom meal rosters, menus, and meal count reports based on age group.

  • Weekly & Monthly Menus
  • Meal Roll Call Sheets
  • Age Group Meal Counts
  • Detailed Record of Meals Served & Claimed
  • Monthly Reimbursement Calculation

Enhance the Meal Tracker with Optional Modules

The Meal Tracker is an add-on to Procare’s popular Family Data module. Other add-on software modules can further simplify the management of your child-centered business, including Family Accounting and the Time and Attendance Tracker.

Procare Software: Batch Meal Count Example

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