Your Daycare Dashboard

The Procare Software Dashboard

Your Daycare Dashboard

Just like a pilot needs important information and controls at their fingertips, child care owners and directors need ready access to key metrics regarding the children and teachers at their center. Although you’ve probably never used the control panel in the cockpit of an airplane, you’re certainly familiar with the dashboard in your car. Knowing your speed, fuel level, engine status and mileage are key things available at a glance.

What if your Child Care Management Software could give you the information you need on a single screen? What if you could easily see how many children and teachers were checked in, get a quick list of upcoming birthdays and see an at-a-glance graph of revenue totals?

Ask no more. The Dashboard panel of Procare Software gives you all this information with a single click. You can even customize the layout, deciding which items to display and how the screen should be arranged. And, best of all, the Dashboard comes as a standard feature in all configurations of Procare.

Classroom Counts

The Procare Dashboard includes two options for classroom counts. Choose to see either the number of children checked into each class only, or the numbers of both children and teachers checked in. If your child-to-teacher ratios are not met (too many children are checked in per the number of teachers) the classroom turns red, so you’ll quickly know where to reallocate your staff.

Currently Checked In

View lists of children and/or staff members who are currently checked in, along with their check-in time.

Birthday List

You’ll never forget a child’s birthday with a quick glance at the upcoming birthday list, automatically sorted to display children with the closest birthday at the top.

Weekly FTE (Full Time Equivalency)

See your weekly FTE, based on child schedules for the current week, broken down by classroom.

Revenue Graph

With the at-a-glance revenue graph you’ll get a quick view of weekly, monthly and year-to-date totals based on tuition and other fees charged to your families and agencies, like DHS.

Accounts Receivable

If you manage more than one child care location, you’ll really like the Account Ledger Rollup summary that displays the total of outstanding balances from each location.

Using the Dashboard

For more information visit the Procare Support Site: Using the Dashboard (which includes a video clip).

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