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School is starting back up again in no time. Do you feel ready? Kids are getting excited to play with their friends again, see their favorite teachers, and participate in new classroom activities–but you need to make sure teachers, parents, and even yourself are up to date and ready to take on this new year too. Here are some tips to help you get everyone on track to make for a successful start to the year.

Prepare Your Teachers

Back to School - Prepare Your Teachers

Most of your teachers are probably experienced and know what they need to do to prepare for a new year, but it doesn’t hurt to check in with them. Remind them of center policies, inform them of any changes you’d like to see made this year or goals achieved, and make sure they have all the materials and supplies they need. Most importantly, check that they don’t have any questions and aren’t already overwhelmed–you don’t want them to start the entire year on the wrong foot. Keep communication with them open!

Prepare Your Parents

Back to School - Prepare Your Parents

It’s time to send out some emails. Welcome new families, ask current families for updated allergy and immunization information, and remind all parents of policies/inform them of any changes. If there’s a special back-to-school activity you’re planning, let them know of any extra supplies they need to send with their kids too–perhaps they’ll need bathing suits on that first day for a welcome-back afternoon of water play. Just like with teachers, an open line of communication is key.

Prepare Yourself

Back to School - Prepare Yourself

Have you completed the updates, informed teachers and parents of changes, input new student information into your Procare family data module, and communicated expectations for the new year? You might be almost ready! Don’t forget to prepare all children’s schedules before the first day, too. If you have Procare Cloud, an easy way to do this is to create templates and then let the parents schedule their children themselves. You can also check out this back-to-school webinar to refresh on Procare’s functions like batch enrollment, charging registration fees, scheduling, and more. And don’t forget about our free forms, sign-in sheets, and other templates available for you to download at any time.

The start of a new year is also the ideal opportunity to take a critical review of your child care center and set some new goals with concrete plans to achieve them. Maybe it’s time to really focus in on increasing your enrollment for the following year, or you want to find a more efficient way to collect tuition from parents. Whatever your goal is, make sure it’s specific, measurable, and time-bound. This will not only give you realistic and attainable goals, but provide you the motivation to reach them.

Perhaps most importantly, take a little time for yourself before the school year starts, too. If you’re well-rested, relaxed, and mentally prepared for the new year, the start of the school year will run that much smoother.

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