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With unpredictable winters and sudden snowmageddons during the past couple of years, it’s a good idea to start preparing now for this coming winter. We’ve written before about how to plan for a power outage, loss of internet connection, or temporary computer failure, but what if a particularly big storm or large flood causes you to lose all your data? With Procare Cloud®, you don’t have to worry, because data loss is never an option!

With Procare Cloud, all your important information–from child data to payroll calculations–is stored in the Cloud on our secure servers instead of your center’s computer, making it easily accessible by a Procare-enabled laptop or one of the services mentioned below. That means you’re free to work from anywhere, at any time, in any condition. Backups are completed nightly, and updates happen automatically. Regardless of what storm may hit your center and affect your computers, your data is safe, and you can seamlessly keep your center up and running!


An exclusive free service of Procare Cloud, MyProcare® is an online parent portal that allows parents access to information outside of the center. If everyone is snowed in, parents can still review current account information, schedule their children, re-register, or make payments with Tuition Express®–which means more time for you to prepare your center for when the snow melts and everyone can resume normal activities. A snowstorm doesn’t have to compromise updates and basic functionality anymore!

Procare Web Apps

With Procare Cloud, you also gain free access to Procare Web Apps. If a storm were to take out your computers but you still have school the next day, you can go online with a tablet to check kids in and out, view families’ tuition balances, look up real-time reports, and more. A compromised computer won’t stop you from efficiently managing your center.


KidReports is a web-based classroom management and parent engagement service that syncs with Procare Cloud for up-to-date family information. You can enter kids’ activities, manage classroom ratios, take photos and videos, and send daily reports–all electronically. Since it’s an online service, you can continue to easily manage classrooms and communicate with parents even if your main computer goes down.

With Procare Cloud, you’ll be prepared for any storm this winter. Not only will it keep all your data safe, but you’ll still be able to access that data and keep your center running smoothly whether you lose access temporarily or a storm takes out your computer for good. You can use all of Procare Cloud’s tools on a daily basis too, making running your center week-by-week easier than ever.

Learn more about the benefits of using Procare Cloud here.

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