Interactive Guides: How to Use Procare to Enable “Touchless” Check-in and More

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According to a recent study by Morning Consult and the Bipartisan Policy Center, COVID-19 exposure is the top concern of parents who are thinking about sending their child back to child care. That means child care businesses need to take every precaution to help parents feel safe.

We’ve been getting questions from many of the child care centers we work with regarding how Procare can help address some of the biggest concerns, such as:

  • “Contactless” check-in/out
  • “Contactless” tuition payment
  • Monitoring movements between classrooms
  • Logging health checks
  • Maintaining strong connections with parents and families

To assist, we’ve created interactive guides for each of our main products. All you have to do is click on the link to the product you want to learn more about (see below). That link will pull up a guide that allows you to select the challenge you’d like to solve, after which, you’ll be taken to information on how you can leverage Procare to solve that challenge:

Procare Select

Procare Connect

SchoolCare Works


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