Is There an Easier Way to Manage Child Care Subsidies?

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Access to additional financial support can often be a critical aspect of a child care center’s revenue. The downside? The extensive paperwork it requires, which means more time doing administrative work that takes away time from doing what you love.

One of the easiest, and fastest ways to tackle this important, but time-consuming task, is to use software that simplifies subsidy management. With Procare Online, you can easily address any subsidy payments through its new enhanced subsidy account feature.

What is it?

Procare Online’s enhanced subsidy account feature makes it easy for you to use your subsidies to manage payments and invoicing from agencies or outside sources, and the ability to reconcile against those generated invoices/balances.

Center managers can quickly and easily manage subsidy receipts and allocate to children with just a few clicks.

Plus, a tuition plan can be created to manage recurring subsidy payments.

What’s the difference between this new enhancement and what I’ve already been using?

If you have used the subsidy discounts feature, your account will be set to “Display Subsidy Discounts and Accounts,” which will allow you to view and work within the original subsidy experience. You’ll now be able to add subsidy charges to recurring billing plans, which will automatically populate the new subsidies ledger.

Something to note: subsidy charges added to a recurring plan with other recurring charges can be configured so the charges are only visible to the center and not shared with parents. It just depends on your center’s preference.  

What if I use Procare’s Desktop version? Can I manage subsidies there as well?

Yes! Procare’s Desktop version has a robust subsidy management feature, where you can track money from subsidies, donations, grants, fundraisers, scholarships and more. You can get more information about it here.

To learn more about Procare Online’s subsidy management capabilities, visit our support page.

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