On-Demand Webinar: More than a Daycare – Becoming an Early Childhood Education Center

    View the “More than a Daycare – Becoming an Early Childhood Education Center” on-demand webinar to hear from AJ Crabill, an education reform advocate whose experience includes working with government education agencies as well as chairing the school board in Kansas City, Mo. He will talk about his experience with the need for high-quality early education that should begin before a child is born.

    You will also hear from the experts in early learning curriculum from Learning Beyond Paper about:

    • How effective vs. ineffective curriculum can impact children
    • The difference between a digital curriculum and a paper-based curriculum
    • A digital curriculum that can support teachers in real time and save hours of time
    • And more…

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    With parents returning to the office, more and more children are being enrolled in daycare programs. That means child care centers are serving as places to help young children build a foundation for early learning. These programs should provide a high-quality early childhood education that can positively impact a child’s social skills, development milestones, educational achievement, health and bright future.

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    preview of the "More than a Daycare - Becoming an Early Childhood Education Center" webinar

    “High-quality early education and child care for young children improves physical and cognitive outcomes for the children and can result in enhanced school readiness.”



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