Procare Child Care Centers Can Integrate with IntelliKid Systems to Grow Enrollment and Hire Staff!

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Procare Solutions child care centers have a new way to help grow their child care businesses with the IntelliKid Systems Extra.

IntelliKid Systems is a company that uses software to help child care centers grow enrollment. It was founded and is led by early childhood educators, and offers a way to promote your child care center when you don’t have a large staff or marketing budget but still want a uniform, professional approach to your enrollment.

The new partnership between Procare and IntelliKid Systems means centers now can access this system to help attract and register new families, as well as tools to help with recruiting staff. It’s a way to maximize enrollment opportunities based on current availability for centers using both platforms. 

Let’s take a look at a few questions about how this synchronization can benefit your child care business and get some answers from Jared Hall, founder and CEO of IntelliKid Systems!

Describe IntelliKid Systems in One Paragraph.

IntelliKid Systems is a customer relationship management tool for child care centers to grow their enrollment. It tracks prospective families, known as leads, from when they first show interest to getting those families to register. Simply put, it’s a way to convert potential students into enrolled students. 

Watch this video for an example of how it removes obstacles and streamlines the inquiry process!

How Does Lead Management Work?

Parents are getting more sophisticated in the way they want to look for and communicate with child care centers. 

We use our five pillars of enrollment to enable you to capture, organize, communicate, engage and analyze the families that want to become a part of your program. 

What Does Your Employee Management System Do?

Our employee management system brings communication and marketing automation to your recruitment efforts.  Move candidates seamlessly through the hiring process from submitting applications through onboarding and even post-employment communication.  

Can it Help My Email Marketing Campaigns?

Yes! Not only does our Marketplace offer an exclusive content library to enhance your business communication through premium content, but you can use our robust campaign tools to target specific audiences from within your own leads. Need to increase enrollment in a 2-year-old room? You can design a communication and send to all your prospects with a child at the right age! 

How Will This Integration with Procare Work?

From the Procare home screen, go to Utilities > Procare Extras > IntelliKid Systems

Centers using both IntelliKid Systems and Procare Desktop will be able to sync contact information for parents and children between the two systems. IntelliKid will also pick up changes in enrollment statuses from Procare Desktop.

IntelliKid Systems will be able to read classroom information such as name, capacities and ratios from Procare Desktop for capacity and enrollment planning. IntelliKid Systems will then show you all eligible children for that classroom from your entire lead list to help you plan how to fill those rooms! 

This integration makes it simpler for Desktop users and customers of Intellikids to centralize their data with Desktop, reducing the amount of data that you need to enter manually — you only have to manage one platform rather than both.

Want to Learn More?

Thanks to Jared for answering these questions!

If your center already uses Procare and IntelliKid Systems, visit our support page to get set up! 

Schedule a demo today with IntelliKid Systems to learn more about its features.

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