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Just like with any other large company that serves a large part of the country, when you call Procare, you have to take your place in the "waiting cue". However, once you get your turn at bat, the service is always outstanding. I have had to call the tech support team on several occasions and each time, they go above and beyond the call of duty to help me get back on track. My last experience was exceptional in that they were able to solve a problem that required me faxing them information before they could fix the issue. I was advised by the tech support guy on the phone to fax the information. I figured it would take forever because my fax would be lying around in some unattended bin. Well, to my surprise, they took care of my issue within 30 minutes! Procare is the best! "

Fredericksburg, VA

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Dubuque, IA

Thank you for your help this morning. In such a short time you fixed my problem. 

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Our U.S.-based support team is dedicated to providing solutions, training and tools with the option of remote support technology to diagnose and repair your issues.

We also have an entire support website dedicated to helping you succeed with videos, articles, tips, live webinars and more.