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This is the best software I have come across as of yet. We you first here the price please don't let the turn you away. I have a small center and we were able to payments that was not overly priced, that fit our budget. The program does every thing for you from attendance sheet, parents check in, credit card payments, shot records, daily role sheets, letter to parents, and many many more. The customer service is superb they are will to help with ANYTHING from the smallest to largest, call you and ask if you need help with anything, and the sells reps. (Shelley) will not sell you anything you don't need! This program does everything but run the center for you!

Stuart, FL

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Dracula, GA

We are so excited to become more proficient and better prepared. We are looking forward to this new adventure. Not to mention the time and money we will be saving. The customer service so far has been amazing and it's great to work with those that know the nature and needs of our industry.

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