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I have had wonderful experiences at each and every interaction with Procare staff. Kacilia is so helpful-she guides me through issues and explains how and WHY we're taking certain steps so that I am not only solving that particular problem but also LEARNING how to take care of issues in the future. She takes so much of the stress from problems that arise and turns it into such a positive experience. Paula from software sales replied promptly with a concise email addressing specific questions I asked about module purchases and followed up with a phone call (which I wasn't able to take that day) and then another phone call the next day and patiently explained the software and answered all my questions. She also intuitively provided me with information I needed that I didn't even know I needed. I have never had an experience with Procare that has not only helped me to solve problems but educated me in the use of the software. Doug, who has been the leader in many of the webinars I've attended, answers each and every question that is put forth from users and helps everyone understand how that particular aspect might apply to their situation. I have not come across anyone who doesn't go above and beyond to assist their clients. This is the most helpful remote team with which I've ever worked.

Knoxville, TN

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Bridgeport, CT

I have been using ProCare for 3 years, and am extremely happy with all aspects of the program! The accounting system is wonderful, and so easy to use.

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