I've used it for 6.5 years and absolutely LOVE it! Wonderful program, no regrets!


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I love Procare's Customer Service! They are so willing to answer questions and help where needed. I appreciate the fact that they are constantly working to enhance Procare's features which in return benefit us as user.


The only thing I do not like about Procare is the online waiting list. We have now switched over to MyProcare but there are glitches. They can't put another child on the waiting list if they already have a child enrolled. This makes it hard for expectant mother OR when families can only get one child in at a time. I also don't like how we can't search by DOB. We've had to create personalized questions that allow us to "track" by birth year and it is really hard to do. We need to be able click on an age and have it automatically pull up every child that is that current age. ALSO, once last thing. I HATE that it show children's ages in months. It needs to show it with years and months like on the children's profiles. Stating that a child is 105 months old DOES NOT HELP. :) Other than the waitlist Procare is AMAZING!!!

Clearfield, UT

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Pace, FL

User friendly support. I don't have to be a computer genius to get the program to work correctly.

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