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We were very hesitant to upgrade to Pro Care 10 as the 9 version was so easy. However windows 10 gave us no choice, but let me tell you how wonderful the experience has been. Ryan (sales) was awesome! I had worked with him before on another project and he did not disappoint. Helped us get everything sorted and set up! New to us was the Tuition Express side of Pro Care and let me say they did not disappoint there either!! Jason is awesome...he walked me through everything and then called back to help set up the payments...he also on a day off called to help walk me through the payment processing for the first time!!!! Above and beyond is all I can say about the support and dedication the workers at this company gave to their product. Pro Care 10 does so much and more...I can not wait to see what the new parent portals will be like!

Brookfield, IL

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St. Augustine, FL

Technical support is awesome.

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