Procare Child Care Management system is an Owner/Administrator's "best friend". Excellent and ez.


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We have used Procare since 1996 and tried 2 other systems prior to finding out more about Procare through use of their demo. We've upgraded each version which has enhanced services each time. The sales and technical support personnel are very informative, friendly, and accessible. We also use Tuition Express which makes collections a breeze. Additionally, we use the keyless entry system for enhanced security. Procare has kept up with the needs of families and childcare center management by making these additional options.


Cost effective--not expensive and pays for itself in short time User friendly with lots of tutorials, webinars, and on phone as well as on line support State of the art technology to meet current and future needs. Technicians work with teachers, administrators and I/T people as needed with ease and friendliess Fast service, product delivery Attractive software--"eye appeal" to users


I love everything about this software!

Start with what your immediate needs are and keep reading and playing with other features. Every time you can add another element of the program to your operation, you will save time and money. Do not get overwhelmed with learning and attempting to put every feature at the exact same time. We learn with each new upgrade and attend webinars when we see new ones available. Then, we call and talk or email online support to discuss further. The support team are ALL wonderful!!! Thank you.

Wolcott, CT

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St. Augustine, FL

Customer Service is awesome! Would recommend software to all preschools.

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Our U.S.-based support team is dedicated to providing solutions, training and tools with the option of remote support technology to diagnose and repair your issues.

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