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I have been using Procare for over 11 years. The program itself is easy to learn and grow with. I have been 100% satisfied. We currently use almost all of the modules available with the exception of the Employee Payroll. This includes the online backup (Procare cloud) which makes me feel confident that all of my important data will be backed up daily, even if I were to have my computer crash. Tuition Express is my favorite module because it saves me sooo much time. All of our parents pay tuition through this - I no longer have to take time out of my day to do a daily deposit and run to the bank. In a couple of clicks of the mouse, all the payments are collected. I find that the support is very helpful when I need assistance. The online help is easy to navigate through and find solutions on my own, however if I need to talk with a support specialist, they are always very helpful and will work with me until the solution is found. When I am on the phone with the support specialist, I find that they often share other helpful bits of information as well. I love the fact that they can remote into my computer and walk me through finding a solution to my question/s. I highly recommend Procare for all of your data management needs! You will not be disappointed.

San Antonio, TX

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Bridgeport, CT

I have been using ProCare for 3 years, and am extremely happy with all aspects of the program! The accounting system is wonderful, and so easy to use.

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