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I cant say enough great things about the staff at Pro Care. We had a disaster hit our computer system, which destroyed everything (before we got on Pro Care Cloud), but all of the support tech team, worked overtime on helping us retrieve our data, and I do mean a lot of hours! We couldn't retrieve all of the data, but I assure you, every effort was made to do so, and that is what meant so much to us. We highly recommend this program and make sure you get on Tuition Express, and Cloud, you wont be sorry. It's the best investment and gift for your business in the world! Thank you Procare for caring. We love you guys! Kids Castle Texarkana


Tuition Express gives you time to spend on your children.


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I advise anyone to purchase Tuition Express, and the Pro Cloud, its worth every penny!

Texarkana, AR

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Merced, CA

We have used Procare Child Care Management system for over 3 years now and are very pleased with it. It is efficient and useful.

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