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I had no training on Procare, as the last director left before I was hired. I was able to jump right in and navigate around the program. Within a week I was very comfortable and felt confident with my ability to use it properly.  Any time I need help, the tech is always friendly and helpful. The only con would be that there is often a VERY long wait. With the exception of this last time, I usually at least number 9 in que. which means I have been on hold for over an hour. Yesterday Benji helped us with the problem He was friendly, helpful and showed me how to do some thing I didn't know how to do. He also fixed the problem and told us why it happened. Billing is so easy with Tuition Express. I can have billing done in a matter of mins. and money is collected within hours. We utilize the online payments option for every famliy. Which means once they give us the payment information that they want to use, we charge that account. Quick, easy, no delinquent accounts and no late fees.

Ashburn, VA

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Fort Collins, CO

Procare is a huge part of our daily interactions with parents and staff.

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