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The ease of billing procedures, Tuition Express and Payroll. Procare is also a very user friendly program and the on-line tutorials is an extremely nice tool!


What I like least is that we lose Technical Support after a certain amount of time. After paying for the product it would be nice if the Technical Support could be offered on an on-going basis. The Technical Support Team does an amazing job and is always extremely polite and easy to work with whenever I encounter a problem. The amount of time spent on hold to reach them is sometimes difficult especially when we are trying to run our programs and do our jobs at the same time.

Menomonie, WI

Teresa - We're so glad your billing procedures and payment processing have been simplified with Procare and Tuition Express. As to Technical Support, it's free and unlimited as long as you maintain a current version of Procare. For Cloud customers, that is automatic as you're always on the latest version. For non-Cloud (locally installed) editions of Procare there is a modest annual update subscription fee.

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Allen, TX

I would definitely recommend this product based on the Great customer service that I received.

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