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I have been a happy Procare user since 2005. It has made the task of running our center's office SO much easier and faster. I have everything I need right at my fingertips. It is appealing to look at, as well as navigate. I love the skins that I can change from time to time. It adds a little fun to an otherwise tedious job. PLEASE add some for fall! It's every teacher's favorite time of year!! Being able to customize it to our center is also a big plus. It may seem a bit overwhelming to learn at first, but.... I chose to only bite off a little at a time. The online tutorials and blogs are very helpful, too. I am still learning new things in Procare all the time! I don't think I could ever implement all the things it offers! But it always manages to do what I need it to do! Thank you!! If I had to list a con, it would be the way the system keeps track of accrued benefits. Procare9 was much easier, in that, all I had to do was activate an employee and the software did the rest. One click, one time, done! Pro10 requires that I go in and manually choose who get's time and how much. When everyone earns time at a different rate, it makes for a time consuming process that I do not look forward to. Employees used to know each week how much time they had available. Now, because of the time involved in posting it, I only update their time once a month in the system.

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