Tucker Returns to the Office

Tucker Returns to the Office

After a brief absence, Tucker’s back at Procare.

Read along to meet Tucker and learn about his journey!

Like a lot of people, Tucker has been working from home for a while.

He’s excited to get back to child care centers to help staff and kids.

He kept busy, like the rest of us, baking bread, doing puzzles and making the best of his time at home.

Did you know that penguins can get COVID-19? Tucker took precautions, and got his vaccine, so now he’s safe to go into the office and visit child care centers.

Tucker has returned to work at Procare, found his way around the building, and is just getting situated.

Your favorite penguin friend is here and ready to help you stay connected and in control of your child care business!

Whether you have just met Tucker or have known him since he first arrived at Procare in 1993, we’re happy to bring him back. Thank you to all of our amazing customers that wrote in, expressed support, and asked about Tucker. You’ll start to see him in a few key places as you interact with Procare Solutions, as you log in to our Products, Talk to our Live Support Staff, and visit the Resource Center.