W2 / 1099

W2s, 1099s, Tax Tables 

Employee W2s and Vendor 1099s 

Using Procare‚Äôs W2/1099 Software makes preparation of employee W2s and vendor 1099s easy, by automatically gathering and formatting the information from the Procare. Order online at procareonline.com/store/

Do I need to purchase the actual W2 or 1099 forms separately? 

Yes. Procare handles the software part of the process to gather information, however you will need to purchase the actual W2 or 1099 forms separately. For guaranteed compatibility with Procare, we recommend you Order Forms from Dynamic Systems

Are new Payroll Tax Tables ordered separately? 

Yes. Tax formulas for the new year must be ordered separately. They are not part of the W2 software. Order online at procareonline.com/store/

When should I place my order(s)? 

Place your order(s) toward the end of the calendar year in November or December. 

When will I receive my order(s)? 

Although you may place your order at any time, the software (and/or tax tables) will not be available for download until early January. At that time, your password to activate the W2/1099 software will appear on the Procare News tab. 

How do I install and use the W2 and 1099 Software or Tax Tables? 

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