Procare Software Standard Features

Daycare Computer Program Features

Whether you run a daycare or child care center, preschool, afterschool program, child activity center or similar child-centered business, you’ll appreciate the many standard features built into Procare that help you get the best Return on Investment from your Child Care Management Software.

Integrated Audit Trail for Accounting & Time Cards

Detailed transaction reports show you who did what and when. A special audit feature also displays any changes made to individual Child Care Accounting records as well as changes to child and staff time cards when using Procare’s Time and Attendance Tracking Software.

Network Ready

Procare comes ready to install on your local area network. Multiple computers may use Procare at the same time, limited only by the number of ‘seats’ available. Or let Procare Host Your Data for real-time access from any Procare computer. Ask your Software Consultant for details.

Built-In Backup System

Easily back up your Procare database and copy the backup archive to a USB flash drive or any location on your computer/network.
Note: the backup feature is compatible with the standard Procare SQL Express Edition database. If you are using your own SQL Server, backups would be handled by you, outside of Procare.


Limit access to sensitive information by assigning each person using Procare to a user group with limitations you specify. Each user selects a password known only to themselves, further enhancing security.

System Admin Utilities

As a System Administrator you may see who is logged into your Procare database at any time and kick users from the system as needed. You’ll also have access to a System Event Log displaying login information over time.

Free Customer Support

Unlimited and toll free, Procare Live Support is just a phone call away when you maintain a current version of Procare.

Free Subscription to Online Updates

A free, one year subscription to the Procare Online Update Service allows you to download the latest features and enhancements at your convenience.

Learning Tools

Learning Procare is easy with a variety of Free Learning Tools and Training Options.

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