System Requirements

Computer Requirements

For Procare Cloud customers, please use requirements for a “client” computer.



Hard Drive (available disk space)

Network Card


Operating System:

Procare is compatible with the following 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Windows for client computers (servers require 64-bit).

Important Notes About Windows

Application / Database Requirements

Using Your Own SQL Database

Apple / Mac Computers

Procare is a Windows application. You can utilize a program like Parallels to create a virtual Windows PC on your Apple Macintosh, and that will allow you to install Procare. Also, you can use a program called Boot Camp to set up a separate partition for Windows to utilize Procare. See: Will Procare run on my Mac? Note: Your support will be limited if you set Procare up this way.

Procare Cloud

Procare Cloud is a service that stores your data on our cloud servers.

Classroom Cameras! Cameras that broadcast through the internet will drastically affect your available bandwidth. This must be taken into account when considering whether Procare will function optimally. In some cases, a separate internet connection may be necessary.

Mobile Devices

The KidReports App (requires Procare Cloud) works with:

Mobile Web Apps for Procare also require Procare Cloud.

Security Features

See additional information on Security for Tuition Express, Procare Cloud and MyProcare.

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Marshall, MI

Being a 40 year IT manager, and now a database designer, I can say this software has been very well planned and supported.

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