Integrated Daycare and Child Care Security Hardware

Procare provides check-in and security options with hardware that is integrated with Procare Desktop. The Procare keyless entry, interior door control and biometric fingerprint check-in systems allow you to take control of building access and security, while Procare Touch is an all-inclusive check-in and payment solution, working seamlessly alongside the interior door controller and electronic signature pad.

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Procare Hardware

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Procare Touch

The Procare Touch is an all-in-one flat screen computer. The space-saving design and built-in wireless capability allows for the placement of your check-in system where you need it.


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Biometric Fingerprint ID Pad

Procare Hardware Solution - Biometric Fingerprint Reader with Touch

The USB biometric fingerprint ID Pad provides quick and reliable biometric authentication. Its patented technology accurately senses fine-print details, allowing it to capture a wide range of fingerprints, including hard-to-read ones. The reader features a rugged SteelCoat coating which can withstand more than 4 million touches.

The EikonTouch® 510 USB fingerprint reader uses the same patented technology built into many of today’s fingerprint-enabled notebook PCs, keyboards, POS terminals, door locks, handheld ID terminals and more. With thousands of units deployed worldwide in various types of environments, the Eikon® family of scanners is field-proven, high performing, reliable and secure.

Specs & Features (PDFs)

PDF Icon Biometric Fingerprint ID Pad Spec Sheet


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Payment & Check-In Card Reader

Procare Hardware Solution - Card Reader with Touch

Credit & Debit Card Processing

Collect fast and easy payments with debit and credit card swipe. Easily integrate payment processing into Procare using Family Accounting and Tuition Express. Card readers are a professional and convenient way to accept payments at your center.

Custom Swipe Cards & Check-in

Use the card reader technology for authorized pick-up persons and staff to utilize with any card with a magnetic strip in combination with their unique PIN to check in and out. Generate accurate time and attendance tracking using Procare’s attendance tracking and/or staff management features. Create your own custom magnetic swipe ID cards by ordering from a variety of vendors.

Please note: You may need to supply additional range-extending equipment.


One card reader is sent to new Procare Desktop customers for free in a welcome kit. Additional card readers may be ordered by calling (800) 338-3884.

Keyless Entry System

Procare Hardware Solution - Keyless Entry

Specs & Features (PDFs)

PDF Icon Keyless Entry System Spec Sheet

Please Note: You may need to supply additional range-extending equipment.

The Procare keyless entry system for daycare and child care centers allows you to take control of building access and security at your daycare center. Limit access entry only to authorized staff and families. Unique ID codes are assigned to each person, eliminating the cost and hassle of lost keys or magnetic swipe cards. 

The keyless entry system keeps a live record of who enters your building, allowing you to monitor building access in real time or by printing a daily log. Each ID code may be activated, changed, disabled or placed on a restricted list directly from your computer at any time, providing a safe, secure environment for children and peace of mind for parents. 


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Interior Door Controller

Procare Hardware Solution - Interior Door Controller

Procare’s interior door controller provides secure access to designated doors using a check-in/out computer or Procare Touch device—providing zone control access and the ability to grant or remove access to anyone at any time. Assign authorized drop-off and pick-up people and/or staff within Procare desktop version to be able to open designated doors—no more accidentally leaving the door unlocked or wrestling with keys.

The door controller works with a check-in computer and electric door strike* (or maglock). When a child or staff is checked in, a signal is sent to the door strike to allow entry. 


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Please Note: 

  • The door controller is available directly from Procare, while the door strike needs to be obtained and installed by a local security or door company.
  • You may need to supply additional range-extending equipment.

Electronic Signature Capture Pad

Procare Hardware Solution -Signature Pad

The electronic signature capture pad features a large 4.5″ monochrome LCD display that is easy to see in most interior environments. It offers a comfortable signing experience, with a thin design and low-profile, flat surface.

Combine an electronic signature pad with a Procare Touch computer (or your own computer) to record the signature of each authorized pick-up person at your child care, daycare or preschool. Choose a signature device for use with time and attendance tracking in Procare. Then print reports showing who dropped off or picked up a child, including their signature. Perfect for state attendance records and audits where a signature is required.

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Please Note: Requires Procare version 10.2.5182 or higher.

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