Managing Classrooms with Ease

Managing a classroom at a center or school is like running a small business within a business. Classrooms need to be established and staffed, activities and lessons created, milestones tracked, state standards adhered to … and the list goes on. Procare has robust classroom management capabilities that streamline the process of managing classrooms.

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Effectively Managing Classrooms and Programs

Procare enables centers and school to better manage classrooms, tracking attendance and any room movement. Adherence to staff-to-child ratios is critical and streamlined reporting provides details on ratio maintenance. Procare also makes it easy for teachers to track child activities, with name-to-face reporting.

Streamlined Lesson Planning

Create a single lesson or a pool of lessons that include milestones, attachments and more. Use lesson categories to help group lesson plans together to make them easy to access. And share lesson plans with families to increase trust and confidence in your center and teachers!

Frameworks, Assessments and Milestones

Most states require the use of learning standards to track developmental milestones, so staff should be aware of the skills that children generally demonstrate when they reach a certain age. Once learning standards have been applied to the system, they can be added to lesson plans to ensure each domain is being covered in the classroom. Add one or multiple milestones and create daily activities to send to parents that connect with ECE state standards.  Learning standards are also fully customizable. 

Alignment With State and Montessori Standards

State standards are learning and developmental goals specified by each state for what children should know or be able to do by a specified age. Milestones or learning standards allow centers to track the development of a child in a specific area. The Vine Assessments System by Procare Solutions is an early learning assessments framework exclusively available with Procare’s classroom management capabilities. The Vine Assessments framework features clear and detailed terminology that aligns with standards from all 50 states.

Alternatively, Procare also allows providers to access preloaded state standards for all 50 states and Montessori learning, and also supports a wide variety of learning/child-centered methodologies. To ensure the most accurate resources, we have acquired the latest standards on a state-by-state basis. Procare has a process in place to track updates to these standards as states release new or revised versions. When updates occur, we will quickly ensure the new set of standards is applied, however, we will only apply them to schools by request to avoid conflicting data. 

Program Offerings

Procare’s program functionality enables the ability to define unique program offerings, as well as see the overall center enrollment status. Programs can have start and end dates, rooms to manage physical locations, staff-to-student ratios and a weekly schedule. This capability allows child care providers to make informed decisions and provide greater control over a center’s offerings.

Forecasting Growth with Insights

Insights allows centers to see enrollment capacity in a given room and/or program, as well as identify areas that have open availability. This capability also highlights which offerings need additional staff to retain ratio requirements.   Centers will be able to see which programs are in high demand and what availability they have for interested families.

Early Learning Curriculum

Procare Early Learning powered by Learning Beyond Paper is a fully integrated, 100% digital curriculum offering for infant to pre-kindergarten age groups. This optional embedded curriculum includes 52 weeks of lesson plans for five age groups – infant, young toddler, older toddler, preschool and pre-kindergarten. Learn more about our digital curriculum.

Robust Center Management Capabilities and More

This robust child care management software has a host of additional capabilities that are essential for child care centers, before and after school programs and youth organizations. In addition to center management, Procare features family engagement, classroom management, tuition payment processing as well as essential integrations with many third-party providers in the child care market.

Why Procare

Proven in Child Care

For over 30 years, child care center owners have looked to Procare to provide real-time information for making critical decisions, maintaining compliance with local and state regulations and adhering to business best practices.

End-to-End Capabilities

Procare saves you time and money by streamlining core administrative functions while raising the bar for the parent experience with professional communications, easy-to-access portals and the opportunity for real-time updates.  Procare can be configured to meet every need. We even make it easy to connect to other specialty systems such as payroll to make Procare the one-stop hub for everything you need to successfully run your center.

Equipped for Any Center

Priced and sized right, Procare meets all your single center needs at an affordable price. We handle the business administration so you can focus on what matters most – better outcomes for the children in your care. No contracts, no set-up fees, no per-child charges – just one price for all the capabilities you need to run your center or school.

Designed Specifically for Child Care Professionals

Procare understands the importance of your role in managing a center, daycare or school. Tracking child attendance, having easy access to family information, handling schedules, keeping records, communicating with parents, billing and processing payments are administrative tasks that we do for you so you can spend more time educating children.

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