4 Essential Elements of Payment Processing for Child Care

published | 1/22/2019

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Every person who manages a child care center understands what a challenge collecting tuition can be. In the past, administrators and parents alike have been hampered by traditional tuition collecting practices. 

Dealing with paper invoices and cash or check payments can lead to a muddled process, and you will need to manually log this information into your ledgers while making multiple bank runs. These extra steps convolute your tuition collection process; however, overcoming this hurdle will enable you to provide even higher quality care for children at your center.

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How to Amplify Your Daycare Tuition Collection

published | 1/7/2019

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How to Amplify Your Daycare Tuition Collection

Child care is an industry that often sees professional relationships become more personal over time. As you get comfortable with your clientele, including both parents and their kids, it’s natural to establish relationships. However, allowing your financials to take a backseat isn’t sustainable. Tolerating late payments from parents and failing to abide by late fee policies is more common than it should be.

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