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published | 8/21/2019

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Deciding whether or not to enroll a child in daycare is a decision that a lot of parents wrestle with. It is never easy for mothers and fathers to leave their little one for the day and a lot of time has to be spent finding the right fit.

But, enrolling a child in daycare can certainly make sense for a number of valid reasons. It could be parents needing two incomes to get by financially, a single parent being stretched too thin, or simply the personal choice to balance work and home life.

All of these reasons are extremely common, and not something for parents to feel guilty about. In fact, it is shown that putting your child in daycare has a multitude of benefits that will help the entire family in the long run.

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How to Communicate with Parents More Effectively Than Ever

published | 8/7/2019

Preschool Business Planning Software

 How to Communicate with Parents More Effectively Than Ever

More than ever, there’s an increasing desire among parents to be involved in their child’s education. When a childcare provider is able to effectively communicate to parents what is being taught in the classroom parents can facilitate the continuation of learning at home.

Not only does this help instill positivity into the process, but it also helps improve a a child’s performance at school. Most parents understand this and support this; however, there’s often a lack of understanding that this engagement needs to begin as early as preschool where a child’s most important cognitive development happens.

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