How Parent Engagement Leads to Child Care Success

published | 5/31/2019

Early Child Care Development Tracking Activities

Parents that find themselves isolated from the educational journey that their child is embarking on don’t do so on purpose. Rather, it’s a common trap that both providers and parents fall into. Engaging parents throughout their child’s developmental years is often an issue of resources and awareness.

Parent engagement in schools requires a substantial commitment of time and resources on the provider’s side. On the parent’s side, it requires significant time and genuine interest in being involved. However, busy schedules and existing commitments can certainly make it difficult.

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Tuition Express Explained: Improving Your Cash Flow

published | 5/21/2019

Tuition Express Tuition

Simplify Daycare Tuition Collection

If your business isn’t thriving on the inside, delivering the care and education you are known for, and continuing to build on your success, can become a long and winding road. Consistent cash flow represents a solution for problems before they have a chance to snowball, whether you are just trying to meet payroll, or you want to start building for the future by hiring more staff to meet a growing demand for child care.

The financial health of your child care center is a two-way street. Flexible payment methods and digital payment options make it easier to fulfill your business needs, as well as the needs of your customers. However, if your payment collection capabilities aren’t where they should be, maintaining good financial health during your child care journey will not be easy. 

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The ability to bill parents seamlessly, mass text message families, tuition express and credit card payments, tracking expenses and P&L statements, management of my wait list, parent check in computer etc.

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