How Child Care Centers Can Benefit from Coronavirus Stimulus Bill

published | 3/27/2020

Child care Health Security Safety

In the wake of the financial pressures caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Congress has passed what’s known as COVID-III, or the CARES Act – legislation that includes billions of dollars in relief for child care centers and their employees. Here’s what you need to know.  

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Financial Implications of COVID-19 on Your Childcare Business: A Webinar Recap

published | 3/24/2020

Child care Health Safety Security

Financial Implications of COVID-19

One of child care centers’ biggest concerns during this coronavirus pandemic – aside from the health of their children and staff – is how to manage the financial aspects of the business. In a recent pop-up webinar, Kathy Ligon, Founder and CEO of Hinge Brokers, invited Thad Joiner, CEO at Better Beans Branding, to discuss strategies child care centers can use to maximize their financial security.

Kathy began the webinar by stating she doesn’t have all the answers, but that she and Thad would offer up any resources and advice to assist child care centers during this ever-changing situation. First and foremost, they emphasized communication with parents is critical.

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