Child Care Industry Reports

How Did COVID-19 Impact the Industry?

Discover the latest child care industry trends in our reports and understand how COVID has impacted the industry.

The onset of COVID-19 in the United States has led to a dramatic shift in the child care landscape.

Beginning in March 2020, many child care businesses were forced to close their doors to stem the spread of the virus. However, with state mask mandates relaxing and an ever-increasing percentage of the population becoming fully vaccinated, the nation is beginning to return to a pre-pandemic sense of normalcy.

Trend Reports Overview

Child Care Center
Attendance Rates by State

Procare monitors child care attendance rates on a state-by-state basis using anonymized data from our customers. Using child care attendance rates from June of 2021 as a baseline, we present the most up-to-date data indicating how quickly centers in each state are seeing their child care attendance numbers increase to pre-coronavirus levels.

Child Care Attendance
Heat Chart by State

We’ve plotted our weekly measurements of relative child care center attendance into a heat chart that shows relative attendance by week for child care centers in all 50 states. You’ll be able to follow the data for any state you choose and see exactly how child care attendance has been impacted by mandated closures due to the novel coronavirus.

National Child Care Attendance Rate

The return to pre-pandemic attendance varies widely by states, but this metric allows you to view how the nation as a whole is doing in achieving a return to normalcy. It’s a metric to view how the overall attendance rate at child care centers continues to climb back countrywide, and closer toward levels of attendance in child care centers seen in February 2020.


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Child Care Trend Reports: Key Takeaways

  • Child care attendance reached a low point during the week of April 5, 2020 where nationwide child care attendance was measured at just 13% of pre-coronavirus levels.
  • Just over 60% of child care centers nationwide were closed during coronavirus. As of June 2021, 75 percent of these centers nationwide had reopened their doors.
  • Oklahoma is the state closest to achieving normal attendance rates in its child care centers, reaching 92% of pre-coronavirus levels. Other states that are rebounding above the 80% mark include Alabama, Indiana, Tennessee and Arkansas. 
  • Pennsylvania, Maryland and Georgia are seeing some of the lowest child care attendance rates in the nation, all in the low 60% range. Oregon child care centers also are not rebounding as quickly as in other states, nor are New Mexico or New Hampshire.

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