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CHILDCARE EXCHANGE: Five Indisputable Child Care Management Principles That Stand the Test of Time (and a Global Pandemic)

By JoAnn Kintzel, Procare CEO

If there is one clear message in 2020, it is the power of adapting—well and quickly—to change. I have been gently reminded of this throughout my career leading people and serving customers. This year, though, has been unprecedented, and the lesson dramatic.

While agility—and new, innovative approaches—will certainly continue to serve us well in the new year, there are also reliable best practices worth remembering. These five indisputable principles stand the test of time—and a global pandemic. They will safely guide us through the familiar and uncharted days ahead. Follow them to stay focused on what matters most: better outcomes for the children in our care. 

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2024 Child Care Management Software Industry Trends

2024 Child Care Management Software Industry Trends

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