FORBES: Child Care Benefits May Be As Important As Healthcare If You Want To Keep Top Employees

The pandemic has disrupted child care and schooling, with some facilities closed, some open, and many just gone. For parents, it’s an ever-changing conundrum: What do I do with the kids today?  While it is true that working parents have always been concerned about their children’s care, the coronavirus pandemic has put that need into the spotlight like never before. Juggling work and caregiving is a source of stress that, at best, distracts from parents’ productivity and, at its worst, may cause employees to quit. Finding a sustainable work-life balance during the Covid-19 crisis is essential to employees’ personal and professional well-being. 

But, of the 61% of child-care centers that closed during coronavirus, as of October 12, 2020, only 71% of these centers have reopened, with attendance levels reaching only about half what they were before the pandemic, according to Tracking the Impact of COVID-19 on the Child Care Industry by Procare Solutions, a child-care management software company. 

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Understanding 2024 Trends in the Child Care Industry

Understanding 2024 Trends in the Child Care Industry

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