Integrated Solutions Work with the Procare Touch or Your Computer

Take your customized Procare Software solutions to the next level with integrated hardware check-in and security options. The Procare Touch is an all inclusive check-in and payment solution, working seamlessly alongside the interior door controller and electronic signature pad.

Don’t have the Procare Touch? No problem, the hardware items below can be integrated with your personal computer running Procare Software.

Procare Software - Procare Touch Check-in Computer

Procare Touch 8″

  • The Best Check-in Solution
  • All-in-one computer
  • Biometric Fingerprint ID Pad
  • Card Reader/Point-of-Sale
Procare Software Fingerprint ID Pad for Secure Check-in

USB Biometric Fingerprint ID Pad

  • Easy Check-in Solution
  • Automatically Record Attendance
  • Proof-Positive Verification
  • Safe and Secure
  • USB Compatible

Procare Touch Built-in Feature

Procare Software Card Reader

Card Reader

  • Easily Process Credit and Debit Payments
  • Safe and Secure
  • Automatically Record Attendance
  • Works with Magnetic Check-in Cards
  • USB Compatible

Procare Touch Built-in Feature

Procare Software Keyless Entry System

Keyless Entry System

  • Keep Your Building Secure
  • Hassel-Free Authorized User Entry
  • Real-Time Access Records
  • Assign Unique 3-6 Digit ID Codes
  • PC and Laptop Compatible
Procare Software Interior Door Controller

Interior Door Controller

  • Secure Interior Door Access
  • Designate Authorized Users
  • Integrates with Check-in/Out
  • Provides Building Zone Control
  • PC and Procare Touch Compatible
Procare Software -  Electronic Signature Capture

Signature Capture

  • Capture & Store Signatures
  • Simplifies Check-in
  • Easily Print Reports
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • USB and Procare Touch Compatible
Procare Software Ticket and Receipt Printer

Ticket Printer

  • Print Payment Receipts
  • Or Print Check-in/Out Tickets
  • Auto Calibration
  • 64 MB Memory
  • USB and Procare Touch Compatible

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