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Explore Procare Extras that work with Procare and third party services – making integration with Procare Fast and Easy!

W-2s & 1099s

Procare Extra - W2 / 1099

Generate Employee W2s and/or Vendor 1099s directly from data you have entered in the Payroll and Expenses & Ledger modules. 

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Use Procare's KidReports Extra to synchronize family, child and staff information in Procare with KidReports.

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Procare Extra -

Free - Transmit child names, classroom information, and parent’s email address directly to

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Procare Extra - Childcare CRM

Free - Use the ChildCareCRM Extra to import family and child information from your CRM wait list into Procare.

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Minute Menu

Procare Extra - Minute Menu

Free - Use the Minute Menu Extra to reconcile child and guardian ID numbers from Minute Menu CX to Procare.

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Procare Extra - Listen360

Transmit info from Procare as often as you like to keep Listen360 up to date with your latest enrollment and withdraw information. 

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QuickBooks Link

Procare Extra - Quickbooks Link

Export family accounting, agency accounting and payroll totals from Procare to Quickbooks.

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Procare Extra - SchoolMessenger

Free - Export parent contact phone numbers for use with SchoolMessenger.

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Check-in Monitor

Procare Extra - Check-in Monitor

Free - See which children (and staff) are being checked in as it happens.

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Payroll Direct Deposit

Procare Extra - Direct Deposit

Free - Use the Direct Deposit Extra to transfer payroll funds from the center’s bank account directly to the account of each employee.

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Keyless Entry System

Procare Extra - Procare Keyless Entry System

Wall mounted keypad used for building access control and enhanced security. 

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Email Password Manager

Procare Extra - Password Manager

FREE - Email Password Manager add-on allows people in authorized user groups to change the email password for a center.

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Time Tracker

Procare Extra - Time Tracker

Free - Use the Time Tracker Extra to be visually alerted when children approach (or exceed) a specified time limit within the last 24 hours.

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New York CCTA

Free - Use the Procare KinderConnect “extra” to transmit attendance records from Procare directly to the New York CCTA system.

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Missouri CCBIS

Free - Use the Procare KinderConnect “extra” to transmit attendance records from Procare directly to the Missouri CCBIS system.

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California CDD-801A

Procare Extra - CA CDD801a

Free - Use Procare’s CDD-801A utility to export a file from Procare and import it to the California CDD-801A online form.

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Corporate Organizer

Procare Extra - Corporate Tracking Main Office

Main Office
Generate operations reports for better management of multiple child care locations.

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Corporate Organizer

Procare Extra - Corporate Tracking Individual

Individual Locations
The data entry screen is used by individual school locations to input information.

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Customer Reviews

Alamo, CA

It has organized our business. Now I know exactly how much money we have spent and how much we are earning with the School Budgeting Summary report. It has taken our business from a "mom and pops", unprofessional establishment, to a well run school. It has made life so much easier!

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