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How Procare Solutions Supports a Georgia Shared Service Provider

Partnering with Shared Service Providers

As a shared service provider in the child care industry, you are working to improve the quality of child care across entire regions. Procare Solutions is here to help with you to achieve that goal by partnering with experts in this area, including Monique Reynolds, the vice president of ECE business support and sustainability at Quality Care for Children.

About Quality Care for Children

Quality Care for Children is a non-profit organization with over 40 years of experience improving the quality of child care in Georgia. As an industry leader, its mission is to create a system that equips families and child care providers with the knowledge and resources to nurture and educate Georgia’s infants and young children so that every child may reach their full potential.

Its services include provider training and professional development, and assists child care centers with the USDA Child Care Food Program, quality-rated support and technical assistance, Early Head Start programs and ECE business support.

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Quality Care for Children
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Serves over 4,000 licensed child care programs
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The Challenge

Monique sees centers struggle with many of the same problems: not enough staff, not being fully enrolled, a lack of funding, managing paperwork and worrying about being ready for COVID-19 spikes.

“We were already barely making ends meet before COVID,” Monique says of the child care industry.

Then came the pandemic, from which challenges linger.

“Staffing is the No. 1 greatest challenge right now. You can’t find enough people to grow your business,” says Monique.

And too often, people in the child care industry refer to themselves and child care providers. Monique is quick to correct that description.

“You are a small-business owner,” she emphasized.

In this role, you can’t be afraid of embracing technology to help run your business. Yet child care businesses are among the most reluctant to embrace automation that could save them hours and hours each month.

Just how much time? Monique says that using automation saves businesses between 58 and 78 hours each month!

The Solution

“Your to-do list is exhausting,” Monique says of the tasks that child care leaders must complete each day.

This leads to stress and burnout and time wasted on tasks that could be handled by a comprehensive software program.

Monique has used all the options for child care management software on the market and she heartily recommends Procare to child care centers in her network.

“I love Procare,” Monique says. “Procare is by far the best child care management system you can purchase. It has the most comprehensive accounting system that none of the other systems on the market have.”

Procare also earned her endorsement because it’s an all-in-one system that monitors and tracks key components of business operations including licensing compliance, administrative and general business operational tasks and family engagement.

“Procare helps providers operate and manage their
business effectively and efficiently saving them time and money,” she says. “You want to go with a company that will give you a lot of support and that has been in business for a lot of years because they’ll be able to respond to you better than the other companies out there that are selling you a product that eventually won’t work.”

“I love Procare. Procare is by far the best child care management system you can purchase. It has the most comprehensive accounting system that none of the other systems on the market have.”


Elevating Child Care Together

Learn how Procare Solutions can partner with your shared service organization’s mission and vision to elevate child care standards and transform communities. We’ll show you how Procare unifies your centers, empowers data-driven decision making and strengthens connections with families by providing the best child care management solution for your provider network.

Quote from Monique Reynolds, Vice President ECE Business Support & Sustainability at Quality Care for Children that reads, "I've had numerous child care business owners tell me they should've implemented business automation years ago. They now feel like they have a mastery over their operation and are better business owners."

Imagine the time your shared service organization can save with comprehensive reporting and analytics specifically designed for your needs and the needs of your child care providers. With Procare, centers can track everything they need according to the Iron Triangle Reporting financial model, so they can learn how to operate their business successfully for years to come. Understand enrollment trends, financial performance, state standards compliance and staff productivity so that your shared service network can identify areas for improvement and implement targeted strategies that elevate child care quality. Working together, we can set new standards of excellence in child care.

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