Assessing Children’s Development in Early Childhood Programs

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Christine Desanti
Christine Desanti
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How do teachers decide when a student has mastered a lesson and is ready to move on to the next one? Due to staffing shortages, centers sometimes must hire less-experienced staff. The challenges of training new teachers while staying on top of constant updates of state and ECE standards make it difficult for child care centers to conduct meaningful and regular assessments. ​

Most states require the use of learning standards to track developmental milestones, so teachers should be aware of the skills children generally demonstrate when they reach a certain age. And every child develops at a different pace. When child care centers don’t do the proper evaluations, some students can fall behind while others get bored because they’ve already mastered the material but haven’t been allowed to progress. The need to accurately and frequently assess children’s milestones is especially important as educators adapt to learning after the pandemic.​

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