Leveraging a Strong Onboarding Plan as a Retention Strategy

With the early education space becoming more competitive, leveraging a strong onboarding plan as a retention strategy helps school leaders position themselves as the employer of choice. With turnover in the first 90 days at a record high, you need a solid system to attract, train and retain top talent.

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Beth Cannon
Beth Cannon
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  • The components of retention
  • Talent attraction strategies: who do you want to hire, where are you going to find them, what are you going to offer them and how are you going to train them
  • How workplace culture affects hiring and retention
  • The best discovery questions for teacher interviews
  • Onboarding strategies for new teachers

Nail down your KPIs (key performance indicators) that set standards for your current staff. Learn to hire with a retention strategy in mind Implement engaging professional development strategies that add value to your employees as individuals - not just team members.