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Recruit and Retain Staff at Your Center with Procare

View the “Recruit and Retain Staff at Your Center with Procare” on-demand webinar to hear from Procare expert Loren Phillips, lead software consultant, on some tips you can use for recruiting and retaining staff at your center and the benefits of a fully integrated center care management platform.

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Your staff is the heart of your child care center and you’re no doubt working hard to hire and retain top-level employees, especially with back to school right around the corner.

Staff management is essential to the success of your child care center — it encompasses everything from hiring exemplary employees to making sure they feel happy, motivated and productive.

As an employer, you can more effectively hire and retain qualified candidates by offering the right tools to simplify the many stressful day-to-day burdens for them and you. Plus, you can streamline education and development!

With over 30 years of experience in the child care center market, Procare Solutions can help you not only recruit, but also retain staff by giving them – and you! — the tools to be more efficient and successful.

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“Having Procare at Ridge Kids Academy has helped us tremendously. Teachers are spending a lot more time in the classroom versus outside of the classroom creating lesson plans!”