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What A 100% Digital Curriculum Can Do for Your Child Care Center

View the “What A 100% Digital Curriculum Can Do for Your Child Care Center” on-demand webinar to hear from Procare customer Sarah Miller, Director at Ridge Kids Academy, how her center will save between $300 and $400 per week and necessary teacher time using the Procare Early Learning curriculum.

As early learning centers struggle to hire and retain staff, and as far too many qualified teachers are leaving the field, an easy-to-use, 21st-century online curriculum is vital for success. Unfortunately, many teachers have waited far too long for a way to create their lesson plans digitally, without the stress and time-consuming task of outdated paper formats. ​ ​

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screen capture from the webinar, "What a 100% Digital Curriculum Can Do For Your Child Care Center"

Webinar Details

In this webinar you’ll learn how:

  • An effective curriculum can impact children and teacher development and retention
  • A digital curriculum supports teachers in real-time, with over 4,000 daily activities with integrated standards
  • It’s tailored for ALL classrooms of a child care center – infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and pre-kindergarteners
  • You can save at least 4 hours each week with easy-to-use curriculum plans and activities
  • And more!

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“Having Procare at Ridge Kids Academy has helped us tremendously. Teachers are spending a lot more time in the classroom versus outside of the classroom creating lesson plans!”



2024 Child Care Management Software Industry Trends

2024 Child Care Management Software Industry Trends

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