Trust and Security


Privacy laws continue to evolve, but our principles around handling your data remain the same. We believe your data is exactly that – yours. ​

We only preserve and retain the information that we need in order to keep business going. We only collect and use the information for our stated business purposes. Anything we don’t need, we don’t collect. You can read more about it in our Privacy Policy. ​

We respect our customers’ right to data protections, which means that if it isn’t for back-up or business management purposes, we don’t make copies. We use anonymized data for development, quality and performance testing so we can concentrate our security controls and resources on our products holding your valuable data. We use encryption – in transit and at rest – as well as multi-factor authentication and strict access controls to ensure your confidential data is not accessed inappropriately.​

We do not sell or share customer data.

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Law Enforcement

In the rare event of a request for data from local, state or federal law enforcement, we may share data – but only after reviewing the request and taking steps to ensure that only the minimum amount of information required to comply is shared.