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Trust and Security


​​We maintain security controls and best practices to keep your information confidential and our systems available. Our staff is trained on security best practices monthly, with role-specific training provided for our engineers and system analysts to ensure secure development and administration.

a woman enters a two factor authentication code into the Procare

Authentication and Access

With thousands of customers in North America using Procare, it’s important all information and data remains protected. Every Procare account requires a strong, complex password and the ability to reset and manage each account by administrators at each child care center. These administrators can assign different access controls and roles based on who in the center needs access and information. Procare’s multi-factor authentication options add another layer of security to further protect staff and family accounts and information.


We have a dedicated security team continuously monitoring for vulnerabilities in our Procare platforms and our networks. Whether it’s checking vendor partners for their security, reviewing new feature releases or continuously monitoring our products online, we work tirelessly to prevent system abuse and security issues. With annual third-party audits, we ensure that our protections are the best for our products and aligned with industry best practice.


Our cloud-hosted products reside in data centers within the United States that allow for round-the-clock security as well as geographic redundancy in case any data center goes offline. Our business continuity and disaster recovery processes ensure that natural disasters and other incidents have graceful and secure handovers to other data centers allowing for minimal disruption to our customers.


Are you a security professional looking to proactively share vulnerability information so that it can be addressed?

Contact us at security_questions@procaresoftware.com.