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Nov 16, 2020 2 min read

Accommodate Easier At-Home Learning with Lesson Plan Sharing

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With COVID-19 numbers still high across the U.S., many schools and child care centers are adopting either a hybrid learning or full-time remote learning model. While this certainly puts a strain on parents and children alike, there are ways to lessen the burden using software that allows teachers to share lesson plan resources easily and in one place.

What is Lesson Plan Resource Sharing?

“Share Lesson Plan Resources” is a Procare feature that enables center administration to upload links, images and documents that staff members can then choose to share with parents. Parents and caregivers play a critical role in enabling remote learning. By sharing lesson plan resources, centers not only keep parents in the loop on their child’s learning and development journey, but also, the feature enables them to provide more support because they have access to the lesson plan and any supporting documents.

How Does it Work?

A school/child care administrator can go in and create a lesson using the form below. At the bottom, there’s a place to attach resources, which allows admins to upload links, images or files.

Once the admin has added the resources, they can select the “Share” icon to allow for file share. When the icon is blue, teachers and staff can share the lesson plans with parents (if it’s grey, it’s not shareable).

How do Staff Share Lesson Plan Resources with Parents?

When a lesson plan is approved by admins to share, staff and teachers can go into the Procare app where they:

  1. Select “View Today’s Lessons”
  2. Select “Share with Parents”
  3. Select “Student”
  4. Select “Share Activity”

What Do Parents See When They Open the App?

When parents open the app and look in “Activities,” they’ll see any lesson plans in there as well as supporting resources attached. Parents can then open the resources directly from their smartphone or computer, which they can then print out if desired.

Support Remote Learning with Procare

With Procare, you can tackle the challenges of running your child care business while supporting the learning needs of the children in your care during this uncertain time. To learn more about how Procare’s lesson plan resource sharing tool can help you support a stronger remote learning program, talk to an expert today.

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